Overhead Crane Training for Crane Operators

Knowledgeable employees are safe employees.

Need crane training for your work force? Acculift has partnered with Safety Services Manitoba to provide training to your staff for the safe operation of your lifting equipment.

The OVERHEAD CRANE AWARENESS COURSE teaches the basics of safe crane/sling operation and required pre-shift inspections. The goal of the Overhead Crane Awareness course is to increase your staff productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of damage to product and property and incidents. Training includes load limits and capacity, lifting, use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers and other attachments.

The Overhead Crane Awareness course is divided into two parts. A theory portion with a written test and then a hands on practical component. The practical training component will teach your staff about the required operator inspections on the rigging equipment and how to safely operate the crane or lifting equipment. This hands-on portion of the course will focus on specific crane equipment relevant to your work site and can be taught at your site or at our facilities.

Overhead Crane Operation:
Learning Outcomes

  • General qualifications,
  • Operator responsibilities,
  • Crane components,
  • Rigging techniques,
  • Pre-operational inspection,
  • Practical operation of the overhead crane.

Training is a vital component to ensure safe operation of your lifting and crane equipment.

Want to set up overhead crane operator training for your facility?

Speak to an Acculift representative to set up your training.