End Effectors and Manipulators – the hands of the overhead crane system

Custom Lifting Solutions

Have a unique lifting challenge? We create and source custom end effector solutions for our clients. Like this non-powered material rotator for concrete blocks that also works well with metal parts. An economical solution that fits the unique needs of this client.


In-house Innovation

A client required a non-powered way to rotate concrete blocks. Our in-house team came up with this easy, cost-effective solution to their unique challenge.

articulating handle vacuum bag lifter

The below the hook holding tools you need.

Acculift offers an extensive range of end effectors for our crane systems. Such as clamping, vacuum and magnet devices. We have continued to grow in the field of vacuum and magnetized handling technology by consistently offering only the highest quality attachment components and technology at economical prices.

You can learn more about end effectors and below the hook devices here and more about vacuum lifters.

Our extensive handling technology experience enables us to CUSTOM DESIGN top-quality, trouble-free systems that provide the lasting value your production requirements demand.

Ergonomics Begin with the End

Proper ergonomics means that you can grab, hold and manipulate the load properly, and a purpose built end effector is your best tool for that goal. We can custom build or order end effectors for ANY material lifting. See some of our options below:

Custom End Effectors

We can source/design end effectors to lift practically everything and having a custom designed end effector for your load ensures safety for operators. Below are some examples of systems we’ve installed for customers to help them elevate their business.

roll turner lifting crane hoist part handler end effector

Manual Roll Turner

Lift, turn and manipulate heavy rolls of material (paper, plastic, tin, etc.) with this end effector. See it in action here.

manual hoist roll lift turn rotate material handler crane extension

Vertical Roll Lifters

VRL’s can be used to tilt rolls between horizontal and vertical and to lift and transport rolls by their core in a vertical position. A hoist is used to maneuver the rolls from a pallet, work table or to a cart. Available in a wide range of load capacities. See it in action here.

Lift Castings with ease with this tool material handler crane extension

Casting Lifters

Magnetically grips and lifts coated metal castings from molds. Also, can include a feature that uses high pressure air to release parts from molds.

die lifter cylinder tool lifting material handler crane extension

Steel Tube Lifter

Hydraulic cylinders to steel tubes can be lifted with a permanent magnet with a pneumatic release. This type of end effector works with any round ferrous bar stock or cylindrical objects.

non-ferrous material moving material handler crane extension

Two-Jaw Parts Gripper

Jaw grippers can be customized to fit the geometry of any part you need lifted. Perfect for delicate or non-ferrous parts such as stainless steel rollers. Grippers can be outfitted with remote pendant handles and integrated pneumatic gripper, manual rotation capability, or adjustable an center of gravity.

plate steel lifter technology end effector material handler crane extension

Plate or Sheet Lifters

Permanent magnet with pneumatic releases can b used to move sheet metal with ease. The size and configuration of magnet array can be customized to fit larger ferrous plates or sheets.

Tire Lifting End Effector system crane material handler crane extension

Wheel Grippers

Remote mounted pendant handle for gripping wheel and tire assemblies for easier lifting and manipulation of the tire.

Lifting End Effector system crane material handler crane extension

Steel Plate Grippers

Vertical to horizontal rotation function. In-line slide handle. May be used for steel plates or other sheet materials.

bucket box Lifting End Effector system crane material handler crane extension

Box or Bucket Lifter

Move boxes and buckets with ease. Vacuum cups with force sensing hub grips from side and top of boxes or buckets to maintain integrity of the package and allow high and low layer palletizing/

sheet steel picker mover reach extended lift

Extended Reach Plate Picker

Extended remote mounted pendant handle allows reaching over a plasma cutting table to remove cut parts or other applications where an extended reach is needed.

Plate Steel Picker Extension

Vertical Plate Picker

Magnet gripper with air actuated release and force sensing handle allows lifting and lowering steel plates without bending over to pick or place the load.

lift cabinets and large box type loads with ease material handler

Cabinet Vacuum Clamps

Two-cup vacuum tool on two linear actuators use both clamping and vacuum to pick or place cabinets, enclosures, or other large box-type loads.

drum lifter material handler crane extension

Drum Lifters

Lift drums with ease with a force sensing hub vacuum with quick-change adapter and 3 different vacuum heads to lift drums, bags, and cardboard boxes with the same system.

move cable spools with ease material handler

Wire Spool Gripper

Pnuematic OD (outside diameter) clamp with remote mounted pendant handle grips spools of wire, cable, or other material. A pitch function positions the spool horizontally or vertically.

material handler

Inner Diameter Gripper

Pneumatic two-jaw ID (inner diameter) gripper with automatic (button-less) clamp/unclamp function combines well with the force sensing hub for high speed pick and place applications.

lift wheels with ease material handler

Wheel Lifters

Remote pendant handle pairs with a pneumatic OD (outside diameter) gripper to lift and move car, truck, or heavy equipment wheels.

air bladder lifter material handler

Tire/Wheel PickerSpool Gripper

Expanding air bladder is attached to an automatic clamp/unclamp unit with the Force Sensing Hub to pick and place wheels, with or without tires. Dual handles allow ergonomic high/low lifting.

box battery lifting clamp material handler

Pnuematic Clamp End Effectors

This versatile clamping tool, shown with in-line slide handle, grips any load with flat sturdy sides, such as car batteries, blocks, or metal blanks. Speaking to their versatility check out this case study where a pnuematic clamp is used for box lifting.

how to properly lift bins with end effector

Bin Lifters

Gripper with remote mounted pendant handle has rotate function to allow lifting and dumping of bins.

sleeve inner roll lifter material handler

Sleeve Style Picker

Manually actuated ball-lock pin engages the steel sleeve for lifting rolls or material with an inner core such as paper or metal rolls. Shown paired with a remote mount slide handle.

bag lifter anver suction vacuum- crane service and repair

Vacuum Foam Lifter

This versatile lifting tool can handle uneven surfaced loads such as cardboard boxes, bags, and luggage. These types of lifters can handle quite heavy loads such as concrete blocks..

lifting baskets for material parts moving - product lifting and coordination warehouse

Lifting Baskets

Customizable to your needs, these baskets can be manufactured to the required specifications to help you move loose or unwieldy parts around your facility and can be moved with your overhead crane if required. Contact us for additional details.

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