Fall Prevention Safety Equipment – how to prevent falls on the job

Acculift wants to keep your crew safe.

We want to keep your work crew safe when working above ground. Governmental agencies are suggesting more stringent fall protection systems for Canadian companies and we have you covered to meet any regulatory requirements for your industry. We can provide safety equipment and training needed to meet safety and government standards and keep your workplace free from dangerous falls.

Definition, Application, and Use

Many people ask, “how can you prevent a fall in the workplace?”. Fall prevention and safety have three forms in the workplace – fall arrest, fall prevention, and fall restraint.

  • Fall Arrest is the form of fall protection which involves the safe stopping of a person already falling. The most common fall arrest system in the workplace is the Personal Fall Arrest System (the PFAS) or the lifeline. A fall arrest system is an active means of protecting workers from injury due to falls. A complete personal fall arrest system includes an anchor, a body harness and a connector- such as a shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyard or self-retracting lanyard (SRL).
  • Fall Prevention includes all types of guarding and general protection that prevents persons from entering a fall hazard area. Guard rails on mezzanines, for example.
  • Fall Restraint consists of personal protection which prevents persons who are in a fall hazard area from falling – body lanyards for example.

Acculift can design and implement a system for your unique environment that meets all government regulations and suggestions for worker safety. With our overhead crane design team we can implement fall restraint systems that work in conjunction with your load-lifting systems. Fall restraint systems can be designed for bridge crane or articluting arm crane operations:

Bridge, Ceiling Mounted, and Monorail Tether Track Systems:

  • Available as free standing or ceiling mounted,
  • Unlimited monorail and runway lengths,
  • 18’ span for bridge anchor systems,
  • Less fall clearance distance than wire rope systems,
  • Reduced risk of secondary fall injuries,
  • Easier to install,
  • Supports multiple workers up to 310 lbs. each,
  • Longer distances between support centers,
  • Systems can be customized to accommodate almost any application.

Fold Away and Swing Arm Systems:

  • Fold away systems can be deployed as needed, then folded away when done,
  • Swing arm systems provide circular or semicircular fall protection,
  • Available in wall mounted, column mounted or free standing designs,
  • Arm spans available up to 20’ on fold away and 30’ on swing arm systems,
  • Designed for multiple workers up to 310 lbs. each.

What’s the best fall arrest system? We suggest using the Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest System. This system provides workers with a high degree of mobility and freedom of movement while preventing falls to lower levels. Standard systems are designed to accommodate multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 pounds with tools. This system can utilize existing Gorbel overhead lifting equipment already in place, of course, a consultation with your Acculift representative can come up with the best solution for your workplace.

Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Available in various configurations, including multiple track profiles and support center distances, fall protection can be easily customized to fit every budget and application. All systems are designed by qualified engineers to meet the OSHA 1926 Subpart M construction standard, as well as the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection code.

Mobile or Portable Fall Arrest Systems NEW!

Recently added to our fall prevention solutions is the new Mobile Ranger. This solution is perfect for smaller shops where a permanent installation isn’t feasible, such as small airplane maintenance bays. Anywhere where it would be easier to move the tethering system rather than the equipment to be worked on. Military craft maintenance, RV repair facilities, rail yards, bus repair facilities, large vehicle shops, and agriculture manufacturing could all benefit from this portable fall arrest equipment.

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