Solid Stone Countertops – relocation & redesign of a workstation crane

Solid Stone Countertops Winnipeg

Solid Stone Countertops is a Winnipeg business that specializes in stone manufacturing from the kitchen and bathroom countertops in your home, to large commercial stone applications. They carry a large selection of stone in their manufacturing premises that include marble, quartz, granite, and porcelain.


With production outgrowing their space, Solid Stone Countertops moved to a larger production facility. With the ability to move and relocate their crane system from Acculift they needed to repurpose the design to better match the environment. With a redesign in the works, they decided to better align their lifting capabilities with their manufacturing processes.

Acculift. from the very beginning was very professional, communicated every step of the way, showed up on time whenever they scheduled something and were just excellent from beginning to end.

Roland Rivard, Sales Manager


Acculift designed a system with three key features that took advantage of the space available in the new environment.

  1. The two cranes systems were dismantled at the original location and reinstalled at the new location. The two systems were combined to make one long crane system with two bridges that worked well given the layout of the new premises.
  2. Columns  were located to accommodate the overhead doors on the east side of the building.
  3. C Track festooning was added to the bridges to increase the hoist travel along the entire length of both bridges

With an effective crane span that no longer required forklifts in the production floor, Solid Stone has a safer work environment that allows the product to be moved to various locations on their production floor. By designing around the automated cutting and CNC equipment the overhead crane system was designed to maximize the coverage of floor space by lifting the panels from the racks vertically and setting them on the machinery horizontally with a vacuum lifter with the tilt feature. With a custom-designed lifting solution in place, Solid Stone reduced the potential for back injuries and increased productivity. A win/win situation for everyone!