Relocations and Modernizations of Overhead Cranes

Improve your material handling operational performance through upgrading! Our certified team can move or upgrade any existing overhead crane equipment. If you have a crane system,  you can modernize or upgrade it to meet new production demands. Process changes? We can relocate an existing crane to a new workstation or even a new facility.

Acculift can do this during routine shutdown periods or between shifts – minimizing the impact on lost production times.

Relocation of overhead crane to new facilityLarge expanse work station crane industrial warehouse

Our Crane Relocations, Moving, & Modernization Programs Can Include:

  • Redesigning the system to meet new production requirements,
  • Crane structural modifications for increased capacity,
  • Runway modifications for increased coverage and capacity,
  • Electrical systems (arranged through a third party),
  • Control systems,
  • Mechanical systems,
  • Moving and re-installing all crane components,
  • Upgraded hoists and below the hook devices – to better suit the new lift.

Relocating cranes is part of our Acculift floor-to-ceiling S.I.T.E. program that includes training, inspections, servicing, and new equipment solutions. We provide all the services your material handling equipment requires to operate smoothly.

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Watch this case study on the relocation of existing cranes.

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