Air Filtration in Air Driven Hoist Systems

air Filter Mounted on Beam for pnuematic air lifitng systems

Air Filtration in Air Driven Hoist Systems

Keeping pnuematic air lifting systems clean

Whether you realize it or not, the air you breath is dirty. It is filled with dust and contaminants that your body filters out so your lungs get cleaner air. And in air-driven lifting systems in a manufacturing environment, properly filtering that air can save your equipment.

Why Filter the Air in Pneumatic Lifting Equipment?

In a manufacturing or industrial setting, regardless of your building air purification system, the air will have contaminants in it. For pneumatic lifting equipment to function well over the long-term the air that it uses needs to be filtered before it enters the equipment.

Damage to the System

Here’s what can happen in a very short period of time if proper filtration isn’t used.

  • Rust builds up in the system (especially in iron pipe systems). Filtering the air reduces humidity so the parts of the system aren’t as susceptible to rusting. Rust particles that are loose in the system wear out other parts.
  • Debris builds up and then becomes loose in the piping from the compressor, which then wears parts out prematurely.

The location of filtration is important for maximum efficiency. Air filters should be placed as close to the lifting mechanics as possible. Filtering at the air pump? helps the building lines but in addition to that, an air filter near the lifting device will help preserve your hoist or vacuum lifter.

Air filtration at each hoist is very important as this prevents debris from the main air supply line to enter the piece of equipment and it provides a place to add a lubrication system to the air supply line to the piece of equipment being operated on that line.

Acculift Solutions

picture of tAIR FILTRATION: We suggest an inline air filter for every hoist installed close to the hoist for this purpose. These filters last a very long time before needing replacement with the only maintenance required is to occasionally empty out the particulates that they capture.

AIRLINE LUBRICATION: An inline airline lubricator used in conjunction with an air filter is the best solution overall. By auto-lubricating the line based on use there is no waste in lubricant. Lubricating the lines prevent rust buildup and lengthen the life cycle of your equipment.

in line air filtration


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