Glass Handling Case Study

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Siber is an expert in the design, engineering, production, and fabrication of custom façade systems, providing complete pre-construction and installation services to clients for building envelope systems. They specialize in innovative architecture and challenging building projects.


In 2020 Siber needed a lifting solution that would safely and efficiently aid them to fabricate and assemble large windows of various shapes and sizes. Working within the existing environment, this client required lifting workstations that would provide maximum lift height and be able to move their products to the limits of the manufacturing space while reducing potential product damage and employee lifting.


Two turn-key crane systems with vacuum lifters were installed and commissioned in their facility. By installing structural posts in line with building columns the Acculift lifting solution doesn’t impede forklift or foot traffic. Designed to maximize lift height for loading large sheets of heavy glass and completed assemblies onto work tables, the solution provided by Acculift allowed for faster handling of their product in a safer manner.