Vacuum Tube Lifters for versatile material handling

Vacuum Tube Lifters – A versatile load handling system.

Tube Lifters

Vacuum tube lifters are a unique lifting aid designed for repetitive handling of materials or loads that are breakable or fragile (loads not suited for grippers or grabbing) such as concrete blocks, bags, or cardboard boxes. A tube lift system increases productivity while offering an ergonomic solution to material handling needs. These systems hold, lift, and lower the load all with a single operator control, and require minimal operator training. The use of interchangeable attachments allows for a variety of shaped and sized loads to be handled without the need for multiple systems.

Vacuum Tube Lifter Demonstration

Application and Use

Vacuum tube lifters are the ideal aid for machine loading, for shipping and picking areas, high speed production lines, and for many other lifting applications. The top benefits of vacuum lifters are:

  • Increased productivity thanks to reduced handling and loading times,
  • Secure, damage-free gripping and lifting,
  • Reduced employee lifting,
  • Only one person required for handling,
  • Variable material handling with same lifter.
vacuum lifter moving heave concrete blocks quality control line

A double vacuum tube lifter that can also be quickly switched to a single tube for faster handling of smaller loads.

Vacuum tube lifters can handle raw materials, rounded cans, bagged goods, parcels, cardboard boxes, luggage, windows or doors, OSB and wood products, and more. They are suitable for warehouse operations, assembly line production, or high-volume product handling needs. Vacuum lifters save you money and time by reducing the constant starts and stops that cut into your productivity, reducing worker fatigue and injuries, and reduce load damage caused by clamps and slings. Whenever you need damage free lifting you should consider a vacuum lifter as your end effector.

Vacuum tube lifters can be the end effector for jib cranes and articulating jib cranes as well as overhead crane systems.

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