lunch and learn seminar about building cranes

Lift and Learn Lunches are perfect for expanding your crane brain.

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If you’re looking to boost your crane brain, we can come to you! With lunch!

Acculift will be hitting the road this year and will be bringing our knowledge of material handling into our client’s lunch and meeting rooms. We are developing a lunchtime seminar to help structural engineers, building and operations managers, company owners, and safety professionals learn about the benefits that overhead lifting systems for their operations. Topics covered will include:

  • ergonomic benefits,
  • the functions of different cranes,
  • crane systems, terminology, and options,
  • modular systems,
  • health and safety benefits,
  • building requirements for different lifting solutions,
  • efficiency and production speed gains.

This informal one-hour seminar will give you the knowledge to help you develop better material handling systems for your manufacturing operations.

Continual learning is one of the pillars of Acculift and that also means continual teaching. Contact us today to arrange a time for us to come to your workplace and elevate your knowledge, we’ll even bring lunch!

Call your Acculift representative today to book your Lift and Learn lunch.


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