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Vacuum Lifters – for heavy and precise handling.

Vacuum Lifters pads on metal sheet lifting moving

Vacuum lifters are capable of moving a variety of heavy loads and materials, with quick pick up and release, without additional equipment and less load preparation time.

Acculift vacuum lifters are the most reliable end effectors available – for raw materials (sheet material, pipe, boxes, bags, sacks, appliances, cabinets, etc.) and packaged goods. With the option of powered or mechanical suction, vacuum lifts are built for safety, ergonomics, performance and years of industrial use. From picking up the load to rotating and placing, vacuum lift units operate efficiently on all types of material and in all types of industries.

Application and Use

Using a hoist and chains for the lifting of materials while the vacuum lifter grabs the material allows for much heavier load handling and manipulation such as sheet metal or large wood products. Vacuum lifters are especially well suited towards irregularly shaped objects and textures such as luggage, feed bags, salt bags, corrugated metal, sheet metal, and more.

For more details on vacuum lifters go to this news post specifically about the vacuum pads and how versatile vacuum lifters are for industrial assembly automation. Want to see a versatile vacuum lifter in action? Check out the video below for a foam pad fitted vacuum lifter handles different materials easily.

Vacuum Lifter Capabilities Demonstration

Vacuum Lifter with Power Tilt, Rotate and Float Capabilities.

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