Lifting Baskets for product & material moving

Material lifting baskets provide the ideal solution when lifting and transporting components or products on the job site or manufacturing facility. Where overhead cranes aren’t feasible or the products aren’t suited for specific end effectors (such as parts collecting in warehouses) lifting baskets can be used to transport parts throughout your facility and when used with an overhead crane can become an essential part of your manufacturing process.

These baskets are highly customizable and can be built to custom specifications to suit your facility, your needs, and to work with your overhead cranes.

Lifting Basket Applications:

  • Organize material for a specific job,
  • Quickly transport tools or components from one area to another,
  • Easily keep inventory contained and under control,
  • Designed to fit your specific application requirements.
lifting baskets for material parts moving - product lifting and coorcination

Lifting Basket Options

  • With or without a door,
  • Short, solid-sided basket with no door,
  • Heavy-duty steel with a solid steel door and fork pockets,
  • Lightweight aluminum with a mesh door and fork pockets,
  • Casters,
  • Mesh walls and solid steel door.

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