roll turner lifting crane hoist part handler end effector

Manual Roll Turner – custom configurations available

roll turner lifting crane hoist part handler end effector

MRT-330 Manual Roll Turner

The MRT-330 is our standard in hoist based roll turning. With easy to use controls and great flexibility, this machine will be sure to make your process much more efficient and safe!

Most often used with standard roll handling mandrels the MRT-330’s amazing turning function enables operators to turn even heavy loads with minimal effort and no external power source. Supplied with a movable hoist point mechanism the MRT-330 can quickly be adjusted for varying roll widths to ensure exact horizontal and vertical positioning. Rolls can be turned as quickly as the operator can move making for safe, rapid handling of your valuable product. By removing the need to “manhandle” heavy loads the MRT-330 reduces the risk of operator injury and fatigue making your work place safer and saving you money.

Various capacities (up to 330 lbs) are available, ask your Acculift representative for details.

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