Inspections and Servicing of Overhead Crane and Lifting Equipment

Acculift has inspectors and trained technicians to provide a thorough, accurate assessment of your lifting equipment – from jib cranes to overhead cranes, from hoist to hook. We evaluate risks, identify improvement opportunities, safety concerns, deficiencies, and provide a written report with recommendations to address your issues. Our inspections satisfy all required regulatory requirements such as CSA Standard B167-96 Maintenance and Inspections of Overhead Cranes as part of Manitoba’s WSH Policy.

Our crane inspectors are experts in regulation compliance
and have years of on-site inspection experience,
installation experience, and advanced crane installation training.

Our inspection process complies with and goes above and beyond CSA Z202 Standards and Provincial Standards (In Manitoba B167-96 Maintenance and Inspections of Overhead Cranes).

Please note: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC provincial authorities require periodic inspections of overhead lifting equipment to maintain safety standards. Acculift inspections provide all necessary documentation to comply with provincial standards. Please consult your local provincial safety organization for inspection requirements for your crane and lifting equipment.

As your lifting equipment inspection team, Acculift provides:

  • Hoist inspection (both chain hoists and powered hoists),
  • Jib Crane Inspections,
  • Overhead Crane Inspections,
  • Monorail Crane System Inspections,
  • Hoist and Balancer Inspections,
  • All Crane Component Inspections,
  • Compliance with all government and insurance standards including ANSI, OHSA, CSA, WorkSafe BC, Manitoba WCB and Saskatchewan WCB.
  • Suggestions, recommendations, and parts sourcing information,
  • Logbooks and inspections of existing logbooks for compliance,
  • Timely scheduling,
  • Years of experience in crane installation, inspection, and operations.

Benefits of Crane Inspections

  • Prevent accidents and maintain safe operation of your crane,
  • Avoid interruptions in production,
  • Ensure efficiency throughout the equipment lifecycle,
  • Address potential problems BEFORE they become huge problems,
  • Reduce overhead costs associated with parts, lubricants, and tools,
  • Reduce downtime.
load test inspection report crane jib overhead industrial hardhat

Detailed Inspection Reports

Our crane equipment-level review is designed to inform you of detectable safety-related faults or issues before our inspectors leave your site or before the equipment is returned to operation. These reviews provide you with insight into inspection and maintenance findings, identified risks, and recommended actions.

Schedule Your Inspections

Pre-book your Inspections by Acculift to ensure government regulations are being met and to provide peace of mind with your lifting equipment. We can schedule annual inspections up to a year in advance or book a one-time inspection, without being locked into an ongoing service agreement – with Inspections by Acculift you are never locked into a contract. The inspection can be carried out smoothly when the inspector is allowed safe and easy access to the crane. Acculift can work with you to choose an appropriate inspection time that would minimize your equipment downtime.

Regulation Compliance

Inspections by Acculift are performed by our inspection team members in compliance with provincial and federal regulations. Our inspection standards are very thorough to ensure your equipment and workplace is in compliance with ANSI, OHSI, CSA, Manitoba WCB and Saskatchewan WCB requirements.

Need more information? Contact us directly to book an inspection.

Please note: certified engineer drawings of the crane installation are required for some inspections, contact us for details.

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Thorough Inspections

Our inspectors are methodical, have years of experience and can spot areas of concern before it becomes downtime with your equipment.

Take a look at these vacuum lifting pads for sheet steel. After ten years in service, they have developed cracks in the silicon which prevents a complete seal. Small wear points like this can cause a lift failure and our inspectors are trained to spot them.

Large vacuum lift pads like this are used to lift heavy sheets of steel so safety and a good vacuum seal are very important.

wear crack in silicon lift pad

While long-lasting, this is very good advice for vacuum pads.

wear crack in silicon lift pad

Our inspector bends the lifting pad to show what is otherwise very hard to spot wear point.

wear crack in silicon lift pad

This lifting pad was losing vacuum pressure due to minute cracks in the main seal and also in the two redundant seals.

Use our vast product knowledge to your benefit
and let us help you select the right system for your job.

We are Canada’s leading supplier of high-performance lifting solutions, offering quick delivery and installation times backed by the industry’s best warranty. Contact us today to arrange a consultation or toll-free at 1 888 317 8880. We have offices in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.