Safe Lifting in a Covid-19 World

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Safe Lifting in a Covid-19 World

Social Distancing and Cleaning protocols for Lift Equipment Operators

We have long held the stance that equipment assisted lifting has been the safe choice for manufacturers when it comes to preventing workplace accidents and repetitive strain injuries. There have been many studies to prove that ergonomic lifting equipment helps prevent workplace incidents.

With Covid-19, preventative measures are also our best defence against this pervasive disease. Hand washing, hand sanitizers (did you know we sell high-traffic industrial quality dispensing stations?), masks, and social distancing are your best options for protecting people in your workplace.

Lifting Equipment Multiplies Your Workforce

Typically, lifting solutions will reduce the amount of labour required for a task (we have an ROI calculator that can help you estimate the savings for you). In situations where multiple people are needed for moving material, it is difficult to maintain a proper social distance between them. A lifting solution can reduce the number of people required, allowing for adequate social distancing. The extra staff can be redeployed to other revenue-generating tasks.

Suggested Protocols

  1. Restrict the operation of lifting equipment to as few individuals as possible. If possible, controls should only be handled by one individual. Remote controls allow for easier social distancing when two or more people are required in a lift or material handling. Most cranes can be retrofitted with a remote-control operation to aid in social distancing in the workplace, consult with us to see if your equipment can be upgraded this way. CME has released guidelines for manufacturers to follow for social distancing.
  2. Of high priority is to clean and wipe down the controls and handles of the lifting solution several times a day. Make sure each shift change disinfects all surfaces that they will be working with, including the buttons on the controls, all touchpoints, handles, and the storage location with an approved cleaning solution. Even though work gloves are commonly worn while moving materials, cleaning protocols need to be in place to ensure the machinery and controls are safe for each operator and for future operators. CME has also released guidelines for material handling and Covid-19 and information about specific materials.

IF we make it a priority and look at the workflow in manufacturing, together we can minimize the impact of COVID-19 in manufacturing operations.

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