Hoists for Overhead Cranes and Workstation Cranes – chain hoists and wire rope hoists

Hoists. The muscle of your lifting system

Repairing a hoist in our shopHoists are the workhorses of lifting systems and are an integral part of the system. Selecting the right hoist for your lifting needs is crucial to the success of your lifting system and has a lot of factors to consider to ensure satisfaction with the lifting system.

The guiding principle behind everything we design and sell is operator safety. At Acculift, we are committed to protecting your co-workers and having a hoist that fits your needs is paramount to a safe lift. We also embrace the drive for productivity – our range of reliable air and electric chain hoists are proven to increase workplace efficiency and performance. Safe and efficient is our goal.

Hoists: Hoists are primarily used to move a load or product. Any device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps is considered a hoist. It may be manually operated, electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain, fibre or wire rope as its lifting medium. The best are silent running, minimal vibration and durable but you need to consider your load and function when selecting a hoist. Size may be your biggest consideration if the hoist is moved to various job sites or space is tight. Lift capacity is usually the primary concern but have you considered manual versus electric operation? These are all important considerations when selecting a hoist for your operation. Duty cycle is another consideration.

We partner with many hoist providers and look for the best one to suit your needs. Kito, Gorbel, Demag, and EMH all manufacture hoists of varying strengths and sizes. We’ll help you select one that best matches your application.

Checklist of Considerations

Here are some considerations when selecting a lifting device:

  • Capacity: The maximum weight it can handle,
  • Lift: How far are you moving the load,
  • Speed of the lift – how fast do you need to move the product,
  • Incoming power source and the control voltage,
  • Pendant control cable length or remote control capabilities needed,
  • Suspension: How’s it hanging? How is the crane supported?
  • Type of trolley: Plain, geared or motorized,
  • Type of beam the hoist or air balancer will run on.


Keep that hoist in great operating condition!

Regular maintenance and inspections are key to the longevity of your hoist. Ask us about our service packages that include certified inspections of your lifting systems.

Did you know? The most common wear point on a hoist are the brakes. When choosing a hoist always look for one with quality brakes. Your best option is a hoist with a VFD (variable frequency drive) to soften the wear the brakes endure.

Workstation Crane and Jib Crane Hoists

Gorbel GForce IQ 165 aluminum aluminium bridge

Gorbel gForce

This piece of technology has been an industry game-changer for the material handling industry. With its ease of use – particularly with programmable loads – it’s the intuitive and fast operation and easy to learn controls that enable operators can become advanced users within minutes. See it in action here and in our case studies.

acculift Kito Hoist ER2 chain hoist underhung crane bridge runway

Kito Hoists

Kito’s SEQ powered hoists mean smooth starts and stops, adjustable speeds, and unbeatable precision. Fitted with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and available in both single and three-phase power it is now available in Canada through Acculift. Read more about it here.

Demag chain hoist DC-Com Pro reliable pendant controls

Demag Hoists

Demag DC-Com Chain Hoists are renowned for their reliability. With various sizes available with load capacities up to 2,000 kg these hoists have a standard 4-m hook path, operating time counter, and a service-friendly diagnosis interface.

Overhead Crane Hoists

EMH Hoist reliable lifting systems

EMH Hoists

EMH hoists are the best-built hoists in the lifting industry. With easy installation and compatibility their hallmarks, EMH is a go to for many of our heavier lifting systems.

overhead crane hoist option

Demag Hoists

Demag DMR Wire Rope Hoists  can be built either in a C-design or co-axial design utilising one basic technology. The wide range of possible DMR applications can be extended thanks to smart interfaces and corresponding fittings and accessories.

Chain Hoists

Chain hoists lift by pulling the chain through sprockets and moving the chain into a chain holder. These sorts of hoists are commonly used for applications with loads below 10 tons and require less maintenance. Chain hoists are also different in that they rise straight up with no lateral movement.

vfd hoist for better breaking and less wear on the hoist

Wire Rope Hoists

Wire rope hoists lift loads by wrapping a cable around a grooved drum. For 10 tons and above, wire rope hoists are the preferred choice. Wire rope hoists offer a wide variety of options with very fast lifting speeds. Wire rope hoists are less susceptible to wear and tear over time but do move loads very slightly sideways as the wire rope is wrapped around a grooved drum. Although the lateral movement is very minor, it is something to consider if very accurate positioning is required in a lift.

R&M hoists sold in canada

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