Jib Cranes and Articulating Jib Cranes

maximum workstation flexibility

Workstation jib cranes (or work cell cranes) provide excellent coverage in circular areas not efficiently served by the main crane. Smaller and more nimble than overhead cranes, workstation jib cranes increase productivity through easy boom rotation and trolley movement, speeding up tasks and providing a rapid return on investment. They also reduce injuries and improve safety as only a low force is required to start and stop the boom rotation and hoist trolley.

Definition, Application, and Use

Jib cranes lift and transport materials in semi or full circles (360 degrees) around their support structure. They can also move materials to adjacent workstations, as in assembly line environments. Hoists, manipulators, balancers, or other workstation tools (i.e., welding wire feeders) can be installed on the jib cranes’ booms dependent on the need of the operation.

Jib cranes can either be free standing or wall mounted depending on the priority of needs. Free standing jib cranes offer a full 360 degrees of load movement and can support heavier loads whereas wall mounted jib cranes require no floor space and can fold out of the way but offer less range of movement.

We compare different advantages of jib cranes and workstation cranes in this infographic.

What kinds of Jib Cranes are there?

jib cranes and articulating jib cranes different types

Articulating Jib Cranes – maximum flexibility

elbow arm bend crane post crane swing armArticulating jib cranes can position loads in places you cannot reach with traditional jibs through a wider range of motion and farther range. They provide easier rotation (traditional jib cranes can be problematic when the load is half way on the boom arm) and consistent responsiveness when positioning loads. This is possible through two sets of axes that give a more precise load positioning capability, such as around an obstruction, through a doorway or rotating in close quarters.

Articulating jib cranes are particularly well suited for existing work environments where removal of columns or beams isn’t an option, or when a greater degree of manipulation of the load is required. Articulating jib cranes are a class above when positioning loads around obstructions, through a doorway, or rotating in close to the free-standing mast or column. Wall mounted articulating jib cranes can handle up to the 200-degree rotation for the primary boom and 360 degrees for the secondary boom.

Articulating Jib Cranes

Intelligent Work Station Jib Crane

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