manual hoist roll lift turn rotate

Vertical Roll Lifter – custom configurations available

manual hoist roll lift turn rotate

Heavy Capacity Vertical Roll Lifters (VRL)

The VRL family of lifters is designed for handling rolls in a vertical position. They are offered in many standard configurations and can be customized for special application requirements. The VRL-TA series can be used to tilt rolls between horizontal and vertical. Lift and transport rolls by their core in a vertical position. A hoist is used to maneuver the rolls from a pallet, work table or to a cart. Available in a wide range of load capacities.

  • Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks,
  • Safely lifts rolls by the core,
  • Fail safe gripper design securely holds rolls,
  • Capacities to 4,400lbs (2000 kg).

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