Workstation Bridge Cranes for Versatility

A Workplace that can Change is a Workplace that can Grow.

As a provider of enclosed track work station bridge cranes, Acculift has become the preferred lifting solution in Manitoba and Saskatchewan for many companies. Our extensive experience and strong reputation has been earned over 30 years and allows us to equip your facility with the best-in-class lifting solutions. From the bridge to the hook, and everywhere in-between, we understand what it takes to move your goods.

Definitions, Applications, and Use

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Freestanding Cranes

Easy to install, expand, and relocate on concrete floors. Works beneath overhead obstacles and existing cranes.

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Ceiling-Mounted Cranes

Requires no floor space. Readily expands to connect to other bridge cranes or monorails. Not all building ceilings are designed to carry additional loads so an inspection would determine if a ceiling-mounted crane would be feasible in your existing facility.

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Easy to install with no floor space required, monorail systems are limited in terms of weight and reach. At its most basic a monorail crane system is a simple lifting device with one stationary beam that has a hoist and trolley.  Due to its lightweight design, it delivers fast speeds for handling materials to specific locations. Monorails can be straight, curved, and integrated into other systems.

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Our Experience in Work Station Cranes

Our team has over 35 years of experience specifically in free standing crane installs. Our services range from inspections,repairs, custom installs, solutions, to safety training for many brands of overhead cranes including Kito, Gorbel, EMH, and more. 

We are Canada’s leading supplier of high-performance manual and motorized cranes, offering quick delivery and installation times backed by the industry’s best warranty. Contact us today or arrange a consultation.

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