Precision lifting with a G-Force and Magnet Lifter

Ceiling-Hung Work Station Bridge Crane

During final assembly and testing, a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders handles large product weighing up to 250 lbs. These are taken from several work stations and placed on a hydraulic test bench. 


Attaching slings to move these heavy cylinders with a conventional hoist and a jib crane was very time-consuming and the cylinder could easily slip and be damaged, or damage the testing machine. If the crane wasn’t being used two people were often required to lift the cylinder into place.


Acculift proposed a ceiling-hung work station bridge crane with a 300 lb. capacity Gorbel G-Force intelligent lifting device. A manually-operated permanent magnet was chosen to grip the cylinders.


One person is now able to access any assembly bench in the 20’ x 23’ cell area and safely lift any size of cylinder to the hydraulic test bench. With the G-Force’s optional float mode, operators can precisely position loads throughout thee entire range with only minimal force on the load itself. This allows the operator to manipulate the part with both hands — ultimate precision, at rates up to 100 feet per minute.

slings cylinder movement

No one tries to move these cylinders manually any more. Damage to the test bench has disappeared, along with back injuries.

With the ease of movement, speed and accuracy of the G-Force and magnet, the process efficiency has increased and is much safer for the employees handling the cylinders.