Black Cat Blades: Safe Movement of Irregular Loads

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Black Cat Blades, a manufacturer of ground engagement tools needed to lift curved steel material from a rack in a vertical position, and set it in a machine for further processing.


The pieces to be moved often weighed upwards of 100 lbs. and the process was very repetitive. Manually handling these heavy blades was causing operator strain, and back injuries were becoming a concern. The customer had tried using a standard lift magnet, but the radius on the material and the need for a vertical lift made this dangerous and ineffective.

Our Solution

Acculift worked with the area foreman to design a custom lift-magnet that would handle the product in a vertical position. The magnet was also machined to safely hold the curved profile. A free-standing jib crane with enclosed track and a two-speed electric hoist were selected to provide the ease of movement and precise control required.


One operator is now able to safely lift and position the load with ease. Not only were operator strain and safety concerns eliminated, but productivity also increased as different operators were trained in the use of the lift-magnet and were able to move the blades as needed.


When I saw this magnet and used it for the first few times, you couldn’t have taken the smile off my face. Pretty much anyone, of any height and weight, can now safely load and unload blades.

Shop Foreman, Black Cat Blades

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