Design Expertise Doubles Productivity Safely

Repurposing an Existing Ceiling-Hung Crane

A rebuilder of industrial aerospace and marine turbine engines needed to remove and replace rotors and sometimes needed to rotate them from a horizontal position to a vertical position. The client had an existing ceiling hung Gorbel crane system but had to move to new premises.


The existing crane was ceiling-hung and the new premises only allowed for a free-standing system. The area in the new premises was also narrower and longer. In addition, a new workflow required doubling the current production quantities.


Acculift designed a solution utilizing the existing ceiling-hung system. This included shortening the two existing bridges from 34’ to 28’. An additional 15’-9” was added to the runways along with two more 28’ bridges. Two of the bridges also included two electric hoists each to accommodate the horizontalto-vertical requirements. With new free-standing support structures and using the existing ceiling-hung system, the costs were minimized and gave full crane coverage in the new premises.


The customer was able to use all of their entire ceiling-hung crane system and hoists, and now has an ergonomic free-standing system that allows for doubled production, along with a much safer and more efficient way of rotating the parts from horizontal to vertical.

Delivery and installation timelines were very tight. By using the existing components and installation expertise, we were up and running ahead of our scheduled time.