Hiebert Honey Farms: A Sweet Custom Lifting Solution for Honey Boxes

Faster Honey Handling through a Custom Lifting Device

Hiebert Honey Farms is a large honey producer in Southern Manitoba. With thousands of boxes of honey in the fields and in the recently expanded and upgraded production facility, handling of their raw product within the production cleanup and extraction line needed to be brought up to new speeds.


Located in Southern Manitoba, Hiebert Honey Farms recently upgraded and expanded their honey production facility. With automation and increased operating capacity, they are able to process up to fifteen thousand pounds of honey a day. Which led to a need for a better method of handling the higher volume of honey filled boxes that go through their extraction production line.


Following on site consultations with the client, Acculift decided that a custom handling device, with a Gorbel articulating jib, would be the optimal solution.

An air actuated end-effector was designed and a prototype was built that took advantage of the handle points already on the honey boxes. No modifications to the honey boxes were required to use this custom lifting device – avoiding costly retrofitting of thousands of boxes. After extensive lifting trials a design was finalized, built to exacting standards, tested, and then installed at the facility.

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pnuematic box lifter custom crane

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