Ironmen Industries – new facilities and two new crane systems

A new building necessitates a new way of handling material.

Ironmen Industries is a growing metal manufacturing business in Winkler, Manitoba, specializing in designing and building custom trailers for the transportation industry. With the rapid growth and expanding demand, new facilities were recently constructed to handle the increased production needs and to provide the larger workspace for a growing staff. Looking to have lifting solutions they could rely on that would match their diverse needs and rapid expansion, the owners of Ironmen Industries contacted Acculift.


Ironmen Industries wanted a lifting system integrated into their new facility. They also needed a system that would give them flexibility, maximum crane reach throughout the large facility, lifting power to handle several tons and flexible lifting capabilities for individual welder workstations.


After consultations with the management and staff of Ironmen Industries, Acculift designed and installed two complete crane systems into their new facility. Working with the building manufacturers and designers Acculift was able to keep the floor free of crane columns giving Ironmen a clear floor to place their equipment and steel stock.

Spanning all of their truck bays is a five-ton capacity EMH bridge crane with a Kito ER2 hoist. With an operating span of 70 feet and a coverage area of 8400 sq ft they are now able to move material into the shop, assemble the material together. They can lift the final product onto a chassis to be moved out the door for shipping. Using a remote pendant control, operators are a safe distance from the lifting area, while still moving the large products efficiently and quickly.

The second, 4000-pound capacity ceiling hung Gorbel crane system was put in place for smaller projects to be later assembled together with the five-ton system. Personnel in this area work independently of each other on most projects and require their own lifts so three bridges were installed, each with a Kito ER2 hoist with a 1000 pound capacity.  The versatility of a multi-bridge system allows several operators to individually move and manipulate their projects at the same time without impinging on other fabricators.

The RESULTS for Ironmen

Operators are now able to load, unload, work, and assemble products throughout the facility safely and efficiently. Operators have individual or combined lifting capabilities when needed and on demand, raw steel can be moved throughout the facility. Products can safely be moved with efficiency and the risk of injury from lifting is greatly diminished.

“We wanted a system we wouldn’t have to worry about, it would just work and be there when needed by our crews, and that’s what Acculift provided us.”

David Krahn, Owner