Enviro-Tech Powder Coating: Material Handling on the Line

Moving the Line – Uninterrupted Production & Faster Material Handling

Enviro-Tech Powder Coatings is Manitoba’s leading supplier of powder coating services for the agriculture, medical and custom vehicle industries in Southern Manitoba. Enviro-Tech Powder Coating features both large and small automated conveyor lines for large quantity coating production, in addition to three batch operations for coating individual orders and large parts. Enviro-Tech came to Acculift looking for ways to safely improve their line efficiency to increase their production speed.


Their large part conveyor line required two operators and a forklift to position the heavy parts into the production process. This two or three manual process of loading and unloading parts frequently was keeping this line from reaching needed capacity.

Powder Coating Agriculture Winkler Manitoba


After consultations with Enviro-Tech Powder Coatings staff and line operators, Acculift designed and installed an overhead crane system utilizing the G-Force Intelligent Lifting technology from Gorbel, outfitted with a custom air actuated magnet handling system. Features of this system include a 360-degree rotation, a large area of movement both in and out of the line, a force sensing hoist, and a method to instantly stop the lift if needed.

magnet lifting powder coating line winkler manitoba

 Winkler lifting technology envirotech powder coating


One operator is now able to load and unload products from the powder coating line safely with increased efficiencies.  Individual operators now surpass the speed of the line while handling both the loading of raw parts and the unloading of finished parts. Daily production has increased and a forklift is only required to move large amounts of parts in and out of the production area.

“We have more flow and less congestion up front. It [production speed] is consistent and we can keep up with the rail speed now.”

Tim Klassen, Owner