MCI: Vacuum Lifter for Coach Window Installation

Bus Manufacturing vacuum lifter

integrate vacuum lifter with free standing bridge crane

Intelligent lift device integrated to operate seamlessly with a free-standing bridge crane.

A bus manufacturer needed a vacuum lifter that allowed 90 degrees tilt to lift windows vertically from a crate and install them in the side panel of the coach. The window needed to be fitted in the horizontal position to accommodate the hinge arrangement at the top of the window.


custom magnet

The completed window weighs 90 lbs. and it took two workers to lift the windows from the crate, walk along the mezzanine and then lift the window to the horizontal position. One of the workers had to walk backwards while carrying the window.


Acculift designed a vacuum lifter coupled with an intelligent lift device, suspended from a free-standing workstation bridge crane. The intelligent lifting device has a float mode which allows one operator to attach the vacuum lifter to the window and then lift the window itself with very little effort. It also allows the operator to tilt the window and install it into the side of the coach horizontally. As a real plus, when the vacuum lifter was removed and a custom hook installed on the intelligent lift device, the operator can lift the dual seats from their packaging and insert them into the window opening before the seats are installed.


One operator is now able to safely insert the seat assembly into the window opening, and lift the windows from vertical to the required horizontal position for installation.

Not only can we safely lift the windows from vertical to horizontal with one operator we can simply remove the vacuum lifter, add a custom hook, and lift and insert the dual seat assembly through the window opening prior to the window installation – saving a complete station move for the coach.