Safely Moving Multi-Pane Windows

From Horizontal to Vertical – Efficiency, Uninterrupted Production & Injury Reduction

A manufacturer of multi-pane windows and doors needed to remove sealed window units from a table in a horizontal position, and place them in an A-frame rack in a vertical position.


The completed window units weighed up to 550 lbs. In order to remove them from the table, workers from other areas to help them lift the window. This wasted time and interrupted production and back injuries were common. This not only wasted time in searching for helpers but interrupted the flow of production in the other areas. Also, even with six to seven people handling the large units, back injuries were a common problem.


Acculift designed a lift system that coupled a free-standing workstation bridge crane with an electric powered hoist and vacuum lifter. The manual bridge crane features an ergonomic enclosed track rail that provides exceptional ease of movement within the cell. A two-speed hoist was selected for smooth, reliable lifting control. The vacuum lifter features a powered tilter that lifts the sealed windows off the table and tilts them 90º for placement in the racks.


One operator is now able to lift, tilt and place the large window units with ease. Efficiency has increased greatly — not only in this cell — because the other production areas are now able to operate without interruption. Operator strain and back injury concerns have been completely removed.

“We needed six or seven people to lift a window off the table. With our crane, we only need one person.”


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