Frank Fair Industries: Double Bridge Crane

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Fibre-Glass Panel Manufacturer Seeks New Way to Increase Safety

Frank Fair Industries, a manufacturer of fibreglass panels for the transportation and agricultural industry, needed to increase its safety, increase its production and reduce its labour in their long panel production line. They needed to involve material handling experts and Acculift was there for them.


Implementing a safe solution that would drastically reduce costs was the challenge. We knew the equipment would reduce injury potential but beyond that how could we reduce labour intensity of the process? The delicate and flexible 38 foot long panels brought unique issues to the table. Key concerns were that the panels needed to be lifted with minimum touch points to reduce potential product damage and the safety of the operators were absolutely essential during the operation.


Acculift recommended a unique dual level bridge system. This featured one bridge hanging beneath another suspended with two 500-kg electric hoists. The bottom bridge worked as a spreader bar to hold the 38’ long flexible fibreglass panel with four customised clamps. The two hoists operated in unison via a remote control pendant. This allowed the panels to be manoeuvred perfectly level, with no operators in positions of risk.


No back or shoulder injuries or pinched fingers have occurred since the lifting system has been implemented. Product damage has been eliminated since the panels no longer have the potential to be dropped by staff.


The crane paid for itself in just seven months in labour savings alone while eliminating potentially costly injuries.

Costs before Implementation

  • 10 employees 15 minutes twice per day with high risk of injuries,
  • Total labour time: 5 hours/day with a shop rate of $50/hour,
  • Total cost each month: $5500.

Savings after Implementation:

  • 2 employees 10 minutes twice per day with very minimal risk of injuries,
  • Total labour time: 40 minutes/day with a shop rate of $50/hour each month,
  • Total cost: $733/month — SAVINGS OF $4767 per month!

“Since we have implemented the Acculift solution for this panel process, there has been no injuries, and we are saving over four man hours a day.”

Sabino Urciuoli, Operations Manager

Acculift Dual Crane Install