Degelman Industries: Free Standing Overhead Bridge Crane

Lifting Farm Implements at an Existing Facility.

degelman logo behind their office desk

Degelman Ind., a manufacturer of agriculture implements, was re-purposing an existing structure to meet their growing needs. With a new service bay, they needed a better solution for moving their products in and out of the building as well as lifting them for servicing purposes.


The building hadn’t been built as a load-bearing structure so an alternative had to be developed that would maximize floor space, be free standing, and at the same time, not obstruct any of the existing entrances or workspaces.


Acculift designed a 3 ton overhead bridge crane solution that maximized the lifting area without obstructing any points of entry or working areas. A double column support system with carefully selected placements maximized the floor space while giving the crane the required structural integrity to lift and move large farm implements in the shop. A multi-speed hoist system allows for quick and precise movements of even their largest pieces of equipment by one operator via a remote control pendant.


One operator is now able to lift and move large farm implements with ease in the service bay. Efficiency has increased as the need for forklifts to move equipment has been eliminated and safety concerns and product damage concerns are lessened. The 3-ton heavy capacity has given them the versatility to work on different equipment faster than previously possible and the large work area gives Degelman the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time, lifting equipment over and above others when needed by the job. Our Regina sales office continues to support Degelman in other new projects, re-purposing projects, and crane inspection training for their operators.

“They have become a key supplier to Degelman and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Justin Kleckner, Operations Manager