Acculift Workstation Jib Crane changes our Receiving Process


Crane components are parts are heavy and we handle a lot of them. Acculift receives our crane parts on pallets and we seperate them to prepare them for shipping or storage. With an increase of the volume of parts coming in due to our sales growth over the last year we needed a faster and safer method for this process. Fortunately, we knew who to call for material handling solutions.

It was getting to be a lot of product coming into our warehouse. I wanted a better way to handle this increase of product coming in so I talked to our sales people about our own material handling requirements.

Todd Grant, Acculift Service Technician


We installed a jib crane with a vacuum lift end effector. This was selected to handle different sizes of boxes as well as different materials. The vaccum lifter has a capacity of 150 lbs so we are able to quickly and safely lift and move large boxed items in a large area. The vacuum end effector is able to quickly “grab” a package and just as quickly release it for fast material handling. This enables our receivers to unpack pallets of parts with ease and increases the safety of parts unloading.

It used to be I’d have to find someone to help me every time a pallet came to our door. With this setup I can disassemble entire pallets by myself and much faster than we were previously able to.

Todd Grant, Acculift Service Technician