Diamond Doors Case Study
hoists with remote controls

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Located in Winkler, Manitoba, Diamond Doors manufactures vertical lifting bifold doors for large storage buildings such as airplane hangars, farm and construction equipment sheds They custom design and build doors to suit individual customer requirements with average products being 40′ wide and 20′ high to as large as 120′ wide to 40′ high.

Their Concerns

Diamond Doors was concerned with the reliability of existing lifting equipment in the production of their doors and couldn’t trust the equipment to perform as needed. Diamond Doors found that they would spend a lot of time each month fixing hoists and radio controls, and the downtime of not having a crane was costly to their production.

The Solution

After an onsite consultation, Acculift provided high-quality Kito chain hoists, manual hoist trolleys, and wireless controls for their existing bridge crane systems. Wireless controls enable the operator to control the loads from a safe distance away from the lifting area.

The Results

Working seamlessly with existing lifting equipment, the new hoists and remote controls save hours of time in ongoing maintenance and has been instrumental in reducing their production downtime. By providing consistent uptime with fewer interruptions for service Diamond Doors is able to rely upon their lifting equipment to be there when production demands it.

“Our number one priority is safety along with uninterrupted production and Acculift has given us both”  Rob Hunt.