Schnell Industries adds a Press Brake and Safe Lifting Capabilities

CASE STUDY: Workstation Crane supports Brake Operators

Schnell Industries Inc. manufactures and sells fracking trans-loaders, agricultural planter hitches, turf equipment, as well as offering custom welding from their facility in Winkler, Manitoba. Through in-house development and innovation, they provide customers with high-quality products that deliver specialized functionality.


They knew there was a variety of lifting solutions available to them but wanted a solution that would work efficiently, provide the easy manipulation of their parts, and allow them to form their parts with a single operator.  Safety of their operators was at the top of their needs followed closely by speed and delivery times.


Having seen Acculift solutions implemented at other facilities, Schnell Manufacturing reached out and asked Acculift for lifting solutions for their new press brake. Brenton had used a press brake in years before and had manually handled the parts he was forming.  He knew this was hard work and wanted to provide a better solution for his operators.

Acculift consulted on their needs, analyzed the available space, and drafted a solution.  By combining sufficient crane coverage as well as lifting height, with an intelligent lifting device, and air powered vacuum lifter, Acculift brought an optimal solution to Schnell.  Working with the production staff at Schnell, we were able to install this system without interfering with their operations.  With minimal disruption to their workflow followed by immediate implementation, Schnell saw immediate benefits and ROI on their equipment investment.


By implementing safe lifting capabilities from the beginning of their press brake operations, Schnell has invested in the ongoing safety and health of their operators.  By bringing safe press brake operations in-house they are able to speed up their production capabilities and provide quicker lead times for their clients.

“There were many ways to do the same thing but it came down to what’s the best bang for our buck and get done what we need to get done.” Brenton Dueck, Operations Manager