Kelly Panteluk Construction – Outdoor Jib Cranes for SaskPower

Three tiers of lifting for over two decades.

Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. contracted Acculift to supply and install three jib cranes at an ash storage pond in use by SaskPower. Coal ash is transferred into the retention pond by water where it then settles to the bottom. The jib cranes are to service the pumps which pump the water to another pond. The water from the second pond is recirculated back through the power plant to transfer more ash to the storage pond system. Each jib crane was installed at a different level to accommodate the rising ash level over the next 10-15 years.


SaskPower needed a way to raise the pumps for cleaning and servicing. Outdoor systems need to be able to handle the elements and the installations always pose unique challenges. Weather can play havoc with scheduling and typical equipment used for a building crane install (scissor lifts, forklifts, etc.) may not work on the terrain.


Three 2 Ton free standing jib cranes were installed at the different levels of the retention pond. Acculift worked with KPCL utilizing a front-end loader and excavator to lift, position, and install the jib cranes onto the platforms. To raise the pump, a Kito electric chain hoist was installed at the lowest level and will be reused on the higher jib cranes as required over the coming years. To protect the hoist from the harsh winter elements a hoist dog house/weather cover was fabricated and installed. The jibs are equipped with a rotation lock device to keep them in position when required. The systems are now installed, load tested, commissioned, and in operation.