Articulating Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

diagram wall mounted articulating jib crane

Articulating jib cranes can position loads in places you cannot reach with traditional jibs through a wider range of motion and farther range. They provide easier rotation (traditional jib cranes can be problematic when the load is halfway on the boom arm) and consistent responsiveness when positioning loads. This is possible through two sets of axes that give a more precise load positioning capability, such as around an obstruction, through a doorway or rotating in close quarters.


Articulating jib cranes are particularly well suited for existing work environments where removal of columns or beams isn’t an option, or when a greater degree of manipulation of the load is required. Articulating jib cranes are a class above when positioning loads around obstructions, through a doorway, or rotating in close to the free-standing mast or column. Wall mounted articulating jib cranes can handle up to the 200-degree rotation for the primary boom and 360 degrees for the secondary boom.


  • Up to 200 degree rotation in the primary boom and 360 degree in the secondary boom,
  • Provides a clear work area with no floor obstructions and requires minimal overhead clearance for installation.

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