Freestanding Tool Solution Jib Cranes

freestanding tool solution jib crane floor mounted bolted diagram winnipeg acculift

Durable and lightweight, these tool specific jib cranes have a small footprint that makes installation possible in tight quarters or smaller work stations, such as between machines. Also available as a wall mount, the small bracket centres make it an ideal solution for low-headroom solutions. Capacities range from 50 lbs. to 150 lbs., with a height of 8′ to 10′, and a rotation of between 200 and 180 degrees.


This type of jib crane is specifically designed for tool use operator applications, such as assembly work. These cranes take the lifting of the tool away from the operator, preventing fatigue and repetitive strain disorders.


  • Capacities of 50 lbs. and 150 lbs.,
  • Coverage:  circular 50 lb.  Standard spans from 4′ to 10′,
  • 150 lb. Standard spans from 4′ to 12′,
  • Standard heights from 8′ to 10′,
  • 50 lb, 180 degree rotation; 150 lb, 200 degree rotation,
  • Designed to be smaller, lighter and more cost-effective for applications with suspended tools.

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