For two days I was immersed in the world of industrial crane manufacturing at Rochester, New York. I'm in the marketing department of Acculift, so this was unusual on many fronts. As a marketing professional, I need to intimately understand our company, the products, and the services we offer our clients, but I'll never be at the level of understanding of our service people or our sales staff. Their knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience of installs and clients meetings that I'll never acquire. Yet, to better fulfill my role I need to understand what they do to build accurate messages in our marketing efforts. So when I had the opportunity to visit one of our key suppliers in Rochester, NY, to learn from the very makers of our products, I jumped at the chance to fill some knowledge gaps. They call it the University of Gorbel, and here's the experience of a very office marketing person, in a very industrial world, learning the slings and wire ropes of crane manufacturing.