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Benefits of Acculift

1) The Complete Solution – right the first time
2) Good, Better, Best – purpose fit for application and budget
3) Regulation Compliant – reducing liability and risk

The Acculift Process tailors cranes and services to meet the needs of your production processes. Lifting solutions are designed and built to specific requirements. In this way, we ensure the highest efficiency, availability and safety for your installations. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of our customers’ specific industrial and manufacturing processes – from the glass industry, aircraft industry, in steel production and in steel handling, to ag implement manufacturing, to concrete production and more, we have helped many industries maximize their efficiency and increase safety in their facilities.

Step 1

lifting solution process for success

In our initial meetings, we learn about your company and your processes. We look at what makes you unique, your operating environment, your challenges, and your goals. As well, you will learn about our processes for lifting solution design, installation, and ongoing service requirements. You will be introduced to our team and we will get to the people involved on your side (including operators, production managers, and management).

Step 2

lifting solution process for success

At this stage of the Acculift process, we identify the pain points of our clients (challenges to overcome) and look at many solutions to those problems. We ask the questions about budget, expectations, what success looks like to our clients, and determine possible solutions to be presented in Step 3.

Step 3

review the crane lifting overhead solution

At this point, we meet with clients to present the best possible solution taking into account budgets, timelines, and goals. We present a quote and timeline for implementation and the requirements of the client to make the installation happen smoothly. We discuss all the next steps required from both Acculift and the client to mitigate surprises on-site and during installation.

Step 4

execute the installation of overhead cranes for manufacturing

At the Project Execution stage, we order necessary equipment, arrange delivery, build a timeline, and plan for the installation. Engineers are used for certifying that the building environment meets the requirements for crane placements. During installation, we follow best practices and commission the crane for use through load testing and a thorough inspection. We run an orientation session for the operators and owners to bring them up to speed on the best use of their lifting systems and how to handle loads and the equipment safely. We always recommend additional lift training by a third party to ensure safe operation.

Step 5

review step in crane installation

For the project review stage of our process, we take the time to go over the completed project with the client. We will discuss what went well and what needs improving. We speak to operators to ensure the equipment is meeting their needs, the results of the project, and what lessons we all learned from the project. It’s the perfect time to start the dialogue about the next project and to air any concerns that anyone has about the completed lifting solution.

Step 6

Maintenance crane process design implementation

Step 6, 7, and 8 are after-install services to ensure the long life of the equipment and to arrange ongoing maintenance. By planning the required inspections for lifting equipment we are able to prevent downtime by spotting issues early before they become work stoppage issues.

Step 7

annual review step crane process design implementation

Annual reviews go beyond certified inspections and look at the process that lifting equipment is helping our clients perform. By looking at the client’s changing processes we are able to suggest adaptations and expansions to existing equipment that can save clients considerable effort and expense.

Step 8

ongoing service and repair to overhead cranes diagram

Acculift has a large stock of OEM parts and has the techs required to perform repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. By being proactive with a scheduled maintenance program you can ensure reliable uptime of your equipment.

Use our vast product knowledge to your benefit
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