Supplier Spotlight: Robovent

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Supplier Spotlight: Robovent

Acculift partners with many different suppliers of material handling and air purification equipment. We design a solution for our clients choosing the best equipment to deliver the optimum solution for our client’s challenges. In this series of news posts, we’ll highlight our relationships with our primary suppliers, and discuss the advantages each brings to our partnership.

Robovent designs and manufactures a complete line of products for the collection and filtering of airborne contaminants generated by metalworking and other industrial processes.

Brief History of Robovent

Robovent started as a local dust-collector distributor under the name Great Lakes and has grown into a leader in the design and manufacture of ventilation and filtration systems for some of the world’s most successful manufacturing companies.

In 1996, it debuted SparkOut, a revolutionary system for fire suppression in weld cells and the following year Great Lakes began manufacturing its own brand of collectors. The RoboVent line of collectors hit the market in 2001 and soon after the company set up an in-house engineering department. The RoboVent dust-collection line became so well known that customers began referring to the company as RoboVent and in 2007 the company changed its name to RoboVent.

Between 2007 and 2011, RoboVent rolled out three major new product lines — WeldVent, Plaser and Vortex — and debuted the eTech digital controller. And also in 2011, the company set up headquarters in a 56,000-square-foot engineering and manufacturing facility, in Sterling Heights, Michigan. In 2014, RoboVent celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it was named one of Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

A complete history of Robovent can be read here.


RoboVent has established itself as the benchmark for industrial solutions with systems and service that have proven to be efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

“Robovent offers an powerful product, and backs it up with 100% Written Guaranty – with that kind of loyalty backing us, I am confident we are providing the best to our clients.  It takes an outstanding team to provide the level of reliability we notice in Robovent every day!”

Lorne Mathers, Account Manager


clean air education coursesThrough it’s Clean Air Academy, Robovent provides a solid foundation in the science and technology of air quality management to its dealer partners. In this comprehensive, two-day workshop, dealers learn first-hand how to improve air quality in manufacturing facilities. The workshop begins with learning how to recognize air quality problems and evaluate remedy options. Skilled engineers discuss the fundamentals of industrial ventilation and filtration. Participants learn about technologies available to capture and filter air and how to match the right solution to the right application.


Duncan Beaumont, Solutions Director


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