Mezzanines and Safety Railing – design and installation

Increase your Floor Space By Elevating it.

Increase your floor space capacity, better the environment, and put money back in your pocket. Not only is a mezzanine much less expensive than new construction or relocation, it is also a much more sustainable expansion alternative for growing businesses. Mezzanines fit within your existing building structure – this means no additional heating, ventilation or electrical costs. You can double the usable work space in your facility, eliminate waste and reduce your carbon footprint. These benefits make installing a mezzanine the smart choice for maximizing resources and minimizing spending.

It’s time to start thinking UP, not out, as you grow.

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We can build to suit your existing space.

cage safety custom install Mezzanine can boost efficiency in your parts department, stock room, general storage, locker room, office, retail store, sports facility, restaurant or on your production floor. We can build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements. Where you see empty space, we see possibilities. Installed faster than you thought possible.

Best in Class

No matter the application we will design and build your mezzanine to meet exact code and safety requirements. Whether you need basic plans or a city permit, our designers and install techs will support every phase of your mezzanine project.

safety guard rails for buildings industrialA Rail Apart

Our safety rail suite of products can be installed on existing mezzanines or on new mezzanine structures. When you want to replace, install, or upgrade your safety measures to a higher standard, call us.

Acculift’s suite of guarding products are tested, trusted, and tough. Proven in thousands of applications and facilities: they provide an effective, easy-to-see barrier that contributes to a safer and more efficient working environment. An extensive range of guarding products are available to protect expensive equipment, shield work areas, and help define traffic patterns for your most important asset . . . your people. Acculift’s lineup of guarding products are constructed of high-strength steel; designed and fabricated to withstand severe impacts from lift trucks or other equipment.

Protection for Better Operations

Acculift’s suite of guarding products will provide the protection you need for better operations. When properly installed, they can help reduce downtime, cut workers’ compensation claims, and lower insurance costs.

Use our vast product knowledge to your benefit
and let us help you select the right system for your job.

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