Weld Smoke Removal

All welding produces off-gassing that can be hazardous to a welder’s health. Whether its stick, tig, mig, or other types of welding, hazardous gas and carcinogenic fumes are produced at the source of the weld – exactly where the operator is breathing and working! The question is: how is your shop ensuring clean air for your welders to breath?

Acculift provides comprehensive weld smoke removal solutions. We are a trusted supplier of leading brand name equipment with installers who know about governmental air purification requirements.

Wherever it is a viable solution, it has been proven that extraction at source combined with complete building ambient air purification is the most effective and efficient method of capturing and removing welding fumes. Having effective solutions for both at-source and building air will ensure that you are in compliance with governmental regulations in creating a safe work environment.

There are several methods to achieving at-source weld smoke removal.

welders work station fume removalExtraction arms

The most common solution for removing welding fume is welding extraction arms. Acculift offers a wide range of welding fume extraction units in different designs with full flexibility. These are easy to position and fit many applications as the extraction arm can be positioned directly near the welding point. but can be unwieldy and are dependent on the welder to properly position them during welding.

weld table compact modular minimal floor spaceBackdraft and Downdraft Tables

Downdraft tables and backdraft tables and hoods are often used to replace traditional welding work tables. Typically they are used when welding on small parts or where extraction arms are deemed unsuitable for the work being completed. An example is the RoboVent WeldPro® XT Series Air Cleaning System, a complete welding station that uses virtually no floor space and comes complete with an adjustable-height workbench. Because the WeldPro XT is installed right at the source of air contaminants, it significantly removes these before they can settle on floors and walls or become a danger to employees’ health. The compact filtration system and fan are mounted in the upper cabinet so that floor space is saved. Also, a central filtration unit can service multiple workstations that are located side by side or back to back.

The RoboVent Extractor reduces the welder’s exposure to welding fumes by 90-95%.

On-torch extraction

As an alternative to extraction arms, on-torch or integrated welding fume gun extraction can be used. These at source systems are designed to effectively remove welding fume without disrupting the shielding gas and quality of the weld.

Integrated Extraction in the Welding Gun

A relatively new product on the market considered to be one of the best options consists of a welding gun with built-in fume extraction. The gun can be connected to a central extraction system or to a stand-alone version. One advantage integrated extraction welding guns are that they can be moved and used in places such as in ships’ holds or tanks. Read more about the latest solution on the market by Robovent, their new Extractor. is a radical step forward in at-source capture-weld guns.

building air purification solutions

At source capture plus complete building air purification is the best solution for reducing manganese and air quality in manufacturing environments.

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