High Pressure Vacuum Extraction

Acculift supplies a high quality range of mobile dust extractors and central, high extraction, vacuum systems.  These systems help companies achieve cleaner and more efficient production environments, as well as improved product quality. Whatever material— dust, chips or fumes you generate or you would like to remove from the workplace—we have the solutions and dust collection products to fulfill your needs.

High Pressure Vacuum Extraction

In any industry, but particularly for anyone who performs sawing, sanding or routing work at assembly locations on a regular basis will appreciate the importance of an efficient high extraction vacuum system. You can only achieve precise results when you can see the surface you are working on and the only reliable solution for protecting your health and keeping your workplace clean, is a powerful, efficient extraction system.

How dust collection systems work.

A dust collection system works by capturing dust and debris in a stream of air and moving it through the system’s duct work to a collection area. It’s powered by a dust collector that uses a large motor to drive an impeller. Together, they generate the large volume of air flow required to move substantial amounts of dust and debris. At Acculift we source the best tools to accomplish this and back them up with our superior service, training, and maintenance programs.

For more toxic contaminants there are high efficiency HEPA filtration options which provide the answer to protecting your operators from the danger from carcinogenic particles. Ask us for a demonstration suited to your unique work environment.

We care about the air your breathe.

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