Dust Collectors

Air Borne Particulate Containment Control

Dust Collectors

Airborne contaminant reduction, cleaning or purification is a major concern for many industrial manufacturers and we are here to provide a system that works best for your operation. With our years of experience, we have the authority and knowledge in the design and development of dust capture, transport, and filtration systems to meet customer demands in industrial ventilation.

We partner with suppliers that can provide dust/particulate collection systems that are engineered for powerful filtration at lower total costs with unmatched cleaning efficiency. By partnering with multiple suppliers we are able to select the best system for your needs.

In addition to the standard features, dust collectors have a broad range of options including explosion vents, backblast dampers, HEPA after-filters, spark arrestors, energy savings controls, low profile options, a variety of different cartridges, and weather proof kits.

Complete Single-Source System Design
We can design and provide a complete dust control system, including the collector and the duct work, to solve your particular problem. This is your assurance of the best possible total system supplied from a single source.

Acculift provides installation, design, and after-install support services and products for all air purification and collection systems.

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