Dust Collectors

Air Borne Particulate Containment and Control

Airborne contaminant reduction, cleaning or purification is a major concern for many industrial manufacturers and we are here to provide a system that works best for your operation. With our years of experience, we have the authority and knowledge in the design and development of dust capture, transport, and filtration systems to meet customer demands in industrial ventilation.

We partner with suppliers that can provide dust/particulate collection systems that are engineered for powerful filtration at lower total costs with unmatched cleaning efficiency. By partnering with multiple suppliers we are able to select the best system for your needs.

In addition to the standard features, dust collectors have a broad range of options including explosion vents, backblast dampers, HEPA after-filters, spark arrestors, energy savings controls, low profile options, a variety of different cartridges, and weatherproof kits.

A variety of solutions exists today to contain airborne dust and contaminants. Whether your facility’s processes involve metals, chemicals or other materials, Acculift’s range of breakthrough dust collectors will change the way you think about keeping your facility clean. Our dust collection systems are used successfully in hundreds of applications covering a wide variety of industries.

Complete Single-Source System Design
We can design and provide a complete dust control system, including the collector and the ductwork, to solve your particular problem. This is your assurance of the best possible total system supplied from a single source.

Acculift understands every dust challenge and can address contaminants from the most toxic metals to nuisance dust. A comprehensive system would protect workers and also remove the threat of dust explosions. If a manufacturer needs a more limited solution, such as a dust collector for a grinding station, Acculift has many options for that, as well. We offer an extensive line of portable dust collectors that can be outfitted with hoods and arms to capture dust at its source.

Working with our suppliers and our customers we can design a system of dust extraction with efficiency and cost savings in mind. Systems are optimized to provide the right solution at the right price.

Use our vast product knowledge to your benefit
and let us help you select the right system for your job.

We are Canada’s leading supplier of high-performance lifting solutions and air purification equipment, offering quick delivery and installation times backed by the industry’s best warranty. Contact us today to arrange a consultation, (204) 837 8367 or Toll-Free at 1 888 317 8880.

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