Air Purification for Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Through continual product research Acculift has broadened our line of clean air systems to one of the widest selections offered in the industry. Ecological, clean and quiet industrial workplaces promote the long-term safety of workers and produce a significant and measurable return on your investment. These clean environments are reached through the implementation of air purification products such as:

  • Dust Collectors,
  • Clean Air Booths,
  • Downdraft Tables,
  • At Source Weld Smoke Removal,
  • Industrial & Portable Air cleaners,
  • Source & Ambient Smoke Collectors,
  • Push-Pull Building Systems,
  • Air Makeup Units.

Acculift sources and designs systems with optimal air movement, lower maintenance costs and conservation of energy resources in mind. We follow a consultative design methodology to come up with solutions with you that are specific for your needs. Selecting from our extensive product offerings we are able to pair out your solution with the ideal equipment for that solution, from multiple manufacturers if needed.

warehouse manufacturing push pull air cleaning solution drawing

A push pull air purification solution for a large manufacturing facility requiring
very little floor space that can be installed into a new building or retrofitted to existing facilities.

Smoke Collectors

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