Clean Air Systems for Industrial Work Sites

Clean Air Enhances Health and Efficiency

Ecological sensitive, clean and quiet industrial workplaces promote the long-term health and safety of your workforce. Acculift designs air purification and dust collection systems for optimal air movement, lower maintenance costs, and conservation of energy resources. We can help you reduce airborne contaminants, such as manganese, to meet provincial and federal regulatory approvals.

In a workplace, such as welding shops or manufacturing facilities, ventilation is used to control exposure to airborne contaminants. It is commonly used to remove welding fumes (manganese and hexavalent chromium are found in weld smoke), dust, oil mists (or oil mist collection), and vapours, in order to provide a healthy and safe working environment. All ventilation systems follow the same basic principles but each system is designed specifically to match to the type of work, the workstation, and the rate of contaminant released at that workstation. Acculift’s clean air systems are designed to move a specific amount of air at a specific speed (velocity), which results in the removal (exhaust) of undesirable contaminants.

There are four primary benefits of increased ventilation in the workplace:

  1. Provide a continuous supply of fresh outside air,
  2. Maintain temperature and humidity at comfortable levels,
  3. Reduce potential fire or explosion hazards,
  4. Remove or dilute airborne contaminants.

Clean air systems are considered an engineering control to remove or control contaminants released in indoor work environments. It is one of the preferred ways to control employee exposure to air contaminants and to increase worker safety.

There are two primary types of clean air systems: dilution and local, both of which can have dust collection.

A local exhaust system is used to control air contaminants by trapping them at or near the source, in contrast to dilution ventilation which lets the contaminant spread throughout the workplace. Local exhaust systems are generally a far more effective way of controlling highly toxic contaminants before they reach the workers’ breathing zones, such as dust from sanding or flash from welding. This type of system is usually the preferred control method if:

  • Air contaminants pose serious health risks,
  • Large amounts of dust or fumes are generated,
  • Increased heating costs from ventilation in cold weather are a concern,
  • Emission sources are few in number,
  • Emission sources are near the workers’ breathing zones.

Whereas a dilution exhaust system controls pollutants generated at a work site by ventilating the entire workplace.

push pull total building air purification diagram industrial air cleaning



Whether your workplace uses laser, welding, cutting, grinding, or soldering in its manufacturing processes, Acculift has a solution. Contact us for a consultation or for product demonstrations. This case study may be of interest to you to see what can be done in an industrial setting for air quality control. Acculift air purification systems have also been applied to agricultural manufacturing facilities, repair shops, commercial buildings, warehouse facilities, mill shops, machine shops, and more.

Industrial Building Air Cleaners

Through continual product development and engineering, Acculift has broadened its line of clean air systems to one of the widest selections offered in the industry. These clean environments are reached through the implementation of air purification products such as clean air booths, downdraft tables, portable industrial air cleaners, complete building systems, and smoke collectors.

complete building ducting air cleaning purification systems industrial manufacturing

Dust Collectors for Manufacturing Facilities

Acculift dust collection systems are engineered for powerful filtration at lower total costs with unmatched cleaning efficiency. The exclusive rotating pulse cartridge cleaning system cleans more filter area, lengthens filter life, reduces maintenance costs, and uses less compressed air than typical back flush systems.

High Pressure Vacuum Extraction

Acculift supplies a high-quality range of mobile dust extractors and central high vacuum extraction systems.  These systems help companies achieve cleaner and more efficient production environments, as well as improved product quality. Whatever material— dust, chips or fumes—you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions and dust collection products to fulfill whatever your requirements are

Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction

Protecting your workplace environment from noxious fumes and particulates including diesel exhaust is a major concern. Acculift vehicle exhaust source capture systems are the most versatile and cost-effective product on the market today! Acculift offers a wide range of solutions for the most demanding environments to standard layouts resulting in a clean and safe work area.

Weld Smoke Removal

Whether at the source of the fumes, portable collectors, table collectors or a complete building system, the need for weld smoke removal equipment is becoming more necessary. Legislation is becoming more stringent about the acceptable levels of off-gassing in welding shops and businesses need to know what the cost effective solutions are available that keeps workers safe.